Here at One Link, we have been hard at work with one of our clients creating their website. While at first it seems like a monumental task, it gets easier as it goes along. Websites often require multiple run throughs and changes before it goes live so we spend most of our time tinkering with ideas and layouts. We are currently working with Saw is the Law to create a site for Burr Rasmussen. Burr is a world-class ice sculptor who lives here in San Antonio and travels around the world to do various ice sculpting shows and events. Because Burr has to rely mostly on word of mouth, this website will give him great exposure to the local community and the country. Check out Burr’s site at!


Burr’s website was chosen to help showcase his pictures and other media. A great way to get people to buy his product is to see his pieces and see him in action. We posted a large gallery of completed works and also posted videos that show Burr in the middle of the action. We also added many visual aids to help guide the user through certain menus. This is a tactic commonly used to increase the


Having a professional website will allow them to actively get clients and stay relevant on Google searches. This will help bring more traffic to his website and hopefully get more clients calling and emailing him. Because his website is functional and efficient, it should get more clicks than if he had a bad website. He can also post content to the site when he goes to new events. The site links to all of his social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter and many others. This will help him connect with others online.  


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