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Aero Comfort Control Wheel Customization Tool Programmed By One Link Software

About Aero Comfort –

Established in 1991 and certified by the FAA as a repair station in 1997 Aero Comfort is now recognized as a leading specialist in VVIP/VIP/Corporate interiors for both fixed wing and rotary aircraft.  Along the way, Aero Comfort has established a strong brand with top notch services and products.  With a reputation for delivering services that add value for new and repeat customers, which include aircraft manufacturers, owner operators, completion centers, OEMs, seating manufacturers, maintenance facilities, and FBO’s worldwide. Aero Comfort is located in beautiful San Antonio, Texas approximately 15 minutes from Downtown.

About The Wheel Control Customizer –

Aero Comfort Control Yoke

One Link Software working in conjunction with Aero Comfort of San Antonio, Texas has delivered on a new web based application. Using JavaScript, PHP, and a little server side image manipulation magic, the new page was delivered. The bulk of the code was modularized and can be easily expanded at a moments notice to accept a myriad of control wheels.

Each control wheel is colored on the fly through AJAX requests.  This style of advanced web design programming blurs the line between traditional web 1.0 and a truly cloud like experience. The user is able to access these tools on their mobile device, such as Android or Apple hand held electronics as well as on traditional desktop computers or laptops. We also cache all of the images that our users create in order to better serve the community of users as a whole. The more YOU use the program – the faster IT gets. If you design the perfect yoke and decide to come back to it you can rest assured that you will be able to access that same set of images even faster the next time. This forward thinking allows us to keep server loads down while providing a fast and easy to use interface that doesn’t take up large amounts of precious hard drive space.

Are you in the business of providing customized goods to your users? Are you tired of simply showing a swatch of color palettes with no user interaction? Capture the attention of your user! Provide them with a 3d model they can customize on the fly directly in their internet enabled web browser. This technology translates well to the Aeronautical, Automotive, and other industries where users may be interested in viewing your product in a three dimensional space while also being able to interact with and color the object in question.

As we discovered while working on this project with the wonderful people at Aero Comfort… The Sky is the limit!

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