product configuration and quoting

One Link Software teamed up with Catlin Specialty Insurance Company and McClelland and Hine, Inc. to produce a robust easy to use garage dealers insurance online quoting module.

The eQuote garage dealers insurance quoting module allows McClelland and Hine, Inc.’s agents to get quotes and request binders on garage dealers risks based on Catlin Specialty Insurance Company rating and underwriting guidelines.

Retail agents get an immediate quote and can complete application information to request binding.

eQuote provides the means to quote coverage for garage liability, garage keepers legal liability, dealers open lot and commercial property by gathering complete information while also determining the appropriate subjectivities and forms required.

The eQuote system also provides a way for agents to look up previously created quotes and applications.

With a focus on keeping the quoting and application process as simple as possible for the retail agent McClelland and Hine, Inc. (MGA) and Catlin Specialty Insurance Company (Carrier) are writing more business in less time with fewer errors and with happier customers.

One Link Software provides garage dealers insurance quoting with eQuote for Catlin Specialty Underwriters insurance and McClelland and Hine, Inc.


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