Do you have stacks and stacks of paper in the office? What do you do with all of the financial statements, mail, and junk? Having paper files can be a nightmare. It takes up time, space, and more importantly, money. While it may be difficult to go completely paperless, automating documents and saving paper when you can will drastically save money. So, how do you start to reduce how much paper you use?

First, your internal files and documents can be shared without a trip to the printer. OneLink Forms is a solution that we offer for these documents and files. OneLink forms will simplify your business by having one central location to create, enter, receive, and collect all of your forms. When you use OneLink Forms you can use any web browser, with no Plug-ins to install and no software to download. This software has the ability to make any form fillable, sign electronically, and is a single point for management.

You can also have paperless statements and billing. The more online bill paying you do the less you’ll spend on postage, envelopes, and employee time. OneLink Forms allows you to do all of the billing from a single management point with no paper involved.  This will not only speed up the process, but will also save you a ton of paper. For larger files you can use the same concept and store them in a file transfer system. OneLink forms allows you to use multiple formats with no problems.

Office meetings often require printed materials or forms. Another way to do this would be to use a file sharing program and have employees bring their devices to the meeting. This way all of the employees can easily share information without spending time on printing pages. Scanning a faxing documents also wastes a lot of paper. With OneLink Forms these scanned and faxed documents are automatically saved and stored so you never have to print them out. This saves a lot of time and scanning documents can be a huge pain.

OneLink Forms is a great way to start going paperless. The money saved on paper can be used for more productive parts of your business, and you save time. It’s a win, win! If you would like to go paperless reach out to us at 1.844.293.6311 or by email at