After my weekly business meeting at Las Palapas I was able to meet with Dee Carter and discuss the benefits of her company, Melaleuca. Melaleuca offers a different approach to consumer products that many large companies ignore. The big players like Proctor and Gamble often will use what’s cheapest, and not what is safe to use. These companies also are becoming less and less regulated by the government due to lobbying and special interests. Many other countries like the UK have banned certain ingredients that can be found in American products. This is what Melaleuca saw as a major problem so they decided to formulate products with the safest ingredients possible. Dee even claimed that the toilet bowl cleaner could be consumed by humans safely. Other products that they offer are often cheaper than products at Walmart. Many concentrated cleaning products they have will last months because a simple squirt will last you a long time.

In order to purchase these products you are required to become a member of Melaleuca which for a limited time is only one dollar. Along with this, you are required to spend around forty dollars a month to keep the membership going. They also offer rewards and points for purchasing products that help you save even more money. The best thing about this company is that they offer a product for almost anything that you need so, replacing your old items is easy and effective.

Melaleuca uses many of its own systems to do business so there was not much we could do to help them however, Dee could use her own personal site to help push her own business. She could also use our OneLink Quote to help sell products to customers. We also were able to tell her about more options that we offered for our clients. Overall, what Dee offers is a great alternative to the products you already buying.

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