San Antonio has a bunch of networking opportunities that many may not know about. Here at OneLink, we go to various networking events all around the city. Most notably, we go to the Business Referrals of San Antonio taco tuesday at Las Palapas. This is a networking event where many regulars, and new faces meet to eat tacos and talk about what they offer. During the lunch, each person goes around and gives a quick 60 second description of what they do, what they offer, and who would be a good referral for them. We also have made some great business connections with a few of the people who use our products. To find out more about this networking event and the exact location you can check the details here

We also go to the other Business Networking of San Antonio event at Blanco BBQ every Friday. This is the same type of event but is held at a fantastic local BBQ joint. This meeting tends to be a little bigger because it is not first thing in the morning, but the connections are just as good. This networking event has people from every industry and anyone can join. Most of the time, there are door prizes given as well, these can include company swag to a bottle of wine.

There are also a variety of other networking events in San Antonio that are industry exclusive. These clubs often have a fee to join and approval from the members of the group. We are a member of a couple of these but, for the most part, we stick to the free networking events. We do this because we don’t believe that we should be forced to give or receive referrals from a company just because they paid to be in a club.

We also try to meet with the business professionals 1 on 1 to get a more personal idea of what their needs are and what they do. We have been able to meet with several people we have met at these events. This has allowed us to grow our business and get some great products from people around San Antonio. Attending these events also provides a connection to the community that can only be made by hitting the pavement and meeting people.

One Link Software has met with many business professionals and we have learned a lot about doing business with them. The professionals we have met have all wanted ways to improve their business through the latest technology. Almost every company could benefit from improving their technology and speeding up the business process. One Link Software has many products that can help any business satisfy their technology needs.  We offer software development solutions and products such as Onelink Forms, Onelink Sites, and Onelink Quote. We are based in San Antonio, Texas, and help build online applications for businesses, find out how we can help improve your business today by calling us at 1.844.293.6311 or emailing us at!

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