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Having a professional website is critical to generating and maintaining customers. Some tactics are often used on websites to help guide the viewer to make certain decisions, other tactics include visual aids and a well laid out design. For us, a variety of these skills and tactics is the best way to approach making a new website. With a variety of tactics, you can make sure that your website is the best that it can be.


One of the first things you want to do is make sure that you have a polished logo that you can brand all marketing materials with. A logo is important because it helps someone recognize your company and remember it in the future. Navigation is also extremely important on a website because it gives the viewer an easy way to navigate the site without having to figure it out themselves and learn how to get around the site. It is important to make sure that only the relevant, important information is at the top. Less useful information should be saved for the footer.


Often many sites that we see are cluttered with too much information that can be overwhelming. It is very easy to visually overload someone, keep paragraphs short and concise while also eliminating links unless they are necessary. Along with this concept, you also want to give visitors breathing room on the page. This means creating space between paragraphs and images so the viewer can absorb all of the information on the site. White space can give an improved experience.


Color is also an important factor that many do not consider. Using a mostly neutral color palette is often the best plan because it projects an elegant, clean, and modern appearance. A clean appearance also means having professional photography. High resolution images and shots will give your business a more professional look and is often not too expensive. The landing page will obviously be the most important page on the entire site so make sure you plan and execute this page as best as you possibly can. Once you think you are done with the design, make sure you test it as much as you can to make sure that everything works and looks great.

Every Business needs to have an online presence in order to compete. One Link Software has many products that can satisfy business needs. We offer software development solutions and products such as OneLink Forms, OneLink Sites, and OneLink Quote. We are a software company located in San Antonio, Texas, and build online applications for businesses, to find out how we can help your business call 1.844.293.6311 or email us at

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