OneLink Quote

Today’s consumer EXPECTS to be able to get detailed pricing and configuration options online with their computer or smartphone.

Manual quoting for cookie cutter items is a waste of time for you and your customers. Online product configuration and quoting clears the way for you and your staff to focus on the big picture.

Call it an online product configurator, online product calculator, whatever you call it, you want it to be simple for your customers, fast, reliable and easy to update.

OneLink Quote is a web based framework that is designed to allow your customers to configurebuild and customize your products or services in a straightforward manner.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Reduce Staff
  • Speed up sales
  • Optimize product workflow

Your product builder can be online in as little as two weeks.

  1. Custom Quoting System
    We will build the quoting system exactly to your needs
  2. Detailed / Conditional Information Gathering
    Gather all the information you need. Fields can be added or removed based on responses to other fields
  3. Secured User Login
    Only the users that you authorize have access to the quoting system
  4. Receive Payments Online
    Setup your Paypal or account and start receive payments today!
  5. Increase Sales
    With a fast and effective method of online quoting, give them their price quotes today
  6. Reduces Sales/Customer Service Staff
    Once set up, you no longer need to have someone around just to process your quoting
  7. Automated Income
    Accepting payments online means that your clients can still pay you when you are out of the office


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